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Stereolux’s Music centre supports musical creation in all its forms, offering a diverse programme that shines a light on independent scenes from all over the world.


  • Showcasing music
    A yearly program of amplified music, covering a wide range of tastes: rock, pop, electro, French chanson, hip-hop and more.
  • Supporting independent labels
    As a champion of young artists and new music trends, Stereolux hosts a high majority of artists from independent labels, seeking a balance between leading establishments and emerging companies.
  • Hosting festivals with strong creative identities
    For many years now, Stereolux has represented an essential step for festivals centred on discovery and independent creation.
  • Supporting local artists
    Rehearsals, preparing or re-staging a tour, or creating a show; whatever the activity, Stereolux makes its equipment and the expertise of its teams available to local artists.
  • Accommodating independent organisers
    To develop under-represented styles or to help invigorate the local cultural ecosystem, Stereolux regularly opens to doors to independent event organisers.
  • Music-related activities
    In synergy with the Digital Arts centre and cultural action initiative, our Music centre participates in staging exhibitions or events with a musical dimension aimed at the general public, school audiences or industry professionals.