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Stereolux’s cultural action initiatives remove obstacles to accessing culture for all demographics and is committed to encouraging a wide range of art forms.


  • Artistic workshops for all
    We deliver a programme of workshops for teachers and partner organisations (from the social, medical, education, early-years and leisure sectors) to engage their respective audiences in a creative project, either on their own premises or at Stereolux. “General public” workshops also run throughout the year. Musicians, artists, writers and designers take audiences through their creative processes, from the early stages through to the completed product.

  • Events programme for young audiences
    A series of yearly events for children to enjoy with their families or school groups, designed for young people aged 1 to 10 in search of new sensory and artistic experiences!
  • Meet-the-artist events and conferences
    In addition to Stereolux’ yearly programme, we also provide occasions for local and national artists to get together and exchange ideas with school children and young adults, familiarising them with a wide range of styles and practices. Finally, conference series offer people from all demographics the chance to discover an artist, to learn about music history, the digital arts or to explore other subjects related to the programme.
  • A community-minded outlook
    In collaboration with social representatives and services, Stereolux takes dedicated action and reserves discounted tickets for people whose economic and social situations act as a barrier to accessing culture.