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Stereolux’s Digital Arts centre supports new forms of artistic creation born out of integrating technology with traditional disciplines.


  • Showcasing the artistic products of digital culture
    A yearly programme of creative products spanning a wide range of media, disciplines, technological tools and digital applications, including a dance season and three-monthly spotlight events (“Electrons Libres”).
  • Multimedia installations and exhibitions
    Artistic curator of contributions from local, national and international art scenes.
  • Artist Residency
    Creations supported or co-produced by Stereolux, with the artists benefiting from studio time, the provision of materials, and technical or even financial support.
  • Workshops, meet-the-artist events and round tables
    Countless opportunities for exchange based on contemporary arts between artists and audiences of all generations. These projects are staged in collaboration with Stereolux’s cultural action initiatives and Arts & Technologies lab.